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About us

Since the beginning of the seventies our group of companies has been carrying out promotions in Almeria, Madrid and Valladolid, having consolidated its position in Almeria with a strong presence in the main municipalities of the province, always aiming for excellence in each of our projects.

The objectives of QUALITY AND SERVICE that our company imposes in each property promotion, wouldn’t be possible to achieve without a professional team.

For all this, our team intervenes and gets involved in the development of each property promotion and knows very well the quality standards and their objectives. Our collaborators have been selected according to the criteria of experience and reliability.

This effort has been rewarded with obtaining the certification issued by AENOR, in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard, this reflects the quality of our work.

What we do

Our customers seek excellence and we work every day to provide them carefully studied architectural solutions, maintaining a firm commitment to quality and innovation in the selection of materials and construction techniques, everything is reflected in our homes.

The location, the professionals, the materials, the working style, the technology and the needs of our customers are perfectly taken care of in all our projects.

We put the expectations and illusions of our most demanding customers in the construction of our properties, to fulfilling the commitment reached with them and to establish a solid and close relationship between both parties, thus obtaining a high degree of satisfaction.

Empresas del Grupo

Parque Centro

PARQUE CENTRO, S.L. is a company dedicated primarily to the real estate development that was founded as a limited liability company on the 6th of March 1975.

Despite this extensive experience of almost forty years in real estate development, with property promotions in different areas like theservice or housing sector, it was in the late 1980s when PARQUE CENTRO, S.L. began to develop continuously activities in Almeria, at what time the 9th area of P.G.O.U. was urbanized. Later there have been many property promotions carried out in Almeria and Roquetas de Mar and then in Huércal de Almería. One of the major property promotions of PARQUE CENTRO, S.L. in recent years has been the urbanization of Villablanca in Almería, representative and indicative for the quality of its Works. It was created one of the largest boom areas with a high quality of life in this city. After developing the urbanization works, most of the plots have been promoted, surpassing a hundred single-family homes as well as a building with 83 homes, establishments and garages.

As examples of our experience and diversity, we can highlight the property development in Roquetas de Mar (Almeria), the property development of 60 single-family homes, a building of 25 houses and several real estate developments in Aguadulce (Roquetas de Mar - Almería). Just as a building of 96 homes, establishments and garages, as well as 62 single-family homes in the south of Aguadulce (Roquetas de Mar - Almeria).