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Criteria consider valuing a home

4 Apr 2019 0

When buying a home we should not confuse value and price of it.

Experts say that the location is what gives more value to a house, in addition to other factors that will make the price higher or lower:


The location of the property is fundamental and must be linked to good communications and services, closeness to schools, shopping centers, etc.

We must analyze the area to check if there are elements that make it add value (construction of new services, hospitals, shops, etc.), making the area more attractive.


New constructed properties have a higher value compared to second-hand properties, since a second-hand home may not be in the desired condition due to the use that has been made of it. The most important points to consider are: condition of the building, possibility of parking space, common areas, elements that provide security to the community, among others. In summary, a new home is worth more.


The allocation and usable area are very important when choosing our home. The new buildings are better adapted to our needs as they are currently designed and

shared. It does not help much to distribute more in less useful spaces (corridor, distributor, etc.).


A well-oriented house with a lot of natural light increases its value because it will help us save energy, this is the reason why higher floors are worth more, are lighter and there are more possibilities to have good views.

In our Buildings Europe you will find your home that meets each of these aspects; New construced homes in an excellent location in one of the best areas of Villablanca, well connected, close to all services, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and with excellent views of the capital and Cabo de Gata

Get in touch with us to get to know all our properties and we advise you.

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