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Eight challenges facing the housing market this year

30 Jan 2019 0

2019 will be the sixth year in a row of market recovery. Housing prices will rise by around 5% averagely and it will be sold again more than 500,000 houses. With this prospect, the construction industry faces great challenges.

  1. Increase the offer by building more homes
    We are currently in a time when the supply is under the demand and it is forecasted to continue to grow.
  2. More land in the market
    The ground is about half the price of a home; therefore, it is important to have a sufficient supply for the demand.
  3. Fast licensing and simplification of standards
    It is summarized to reduce the time required by public administration.
  4. More public-private collaboration and security.
    The sector is ready to meet with the public authorities to end Spain’s public housing deficit.
  5. Thinking more about young people
    It needs to work with the new generations in mind, to win back young people as a natural demand and turn them into the priority of the sector, facilitating them access to a home.
  6. Industrialize processes and get new products
    The industrialization of the building process is essential to reduce costs, shorten the delivery times of houses and improve the quality of the product. We need to improve the way homes are made.
  7. Backing energy efficiency A high-quality home must be efficient and respect the environment while providing comfortable and healthy spaces.
  8.  More trained and specialized professionals
    An immediate challenge, more educated and specialized workforce, especially with the technological and industrial advances that are on the way. 

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