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Quality Policy

Mission – What we do?

Parque Centro, S.L. carries out activities of real estate development and home construction.

Vision – What we want to be?

The Top management formulates its commitment to the quality of the services it offers by introducing a quality management system that meets the needs of its customers, employees and society in general.

Values – How?

Parque Centro, S.L. is committed to promoting and managing sales and rents services, achieve as priority objectives:

*Achieve a corporate image and brand recognition that distinguishes us and stands out from the competition within our potential market
*Be a reference in the promotion and sale of new homes in costal areas
*Provide homes according to market demand
* Continuous improvement of the quality management system to meet the needs and expectations of our customers
*Personalized attention to the client throughout the whole promotion process
*Optimization of the volume of human and material resources used for the development of the activity of the company
*Training and motivation of our employees, integration into the quality management to get a qualified, efficient and polyvalent team
*Assurance that all employees are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and know how they contribute to the achievement of quality goals
*Obtainment of satisfaction of all employees through an optimal working environment and working conditions
*Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for sales promotion and home sales.
*Adaptation to the expectations and needs of our clients and other interest groups.

For that purpose, the quality policy is based on:

– Establishment and monitoring of quality objectives that allow measuring the degree of compliance and adequacy of each of the concepts included in the policy.
– Review and analysis of previously defined objectives
– Communication of the Policy, objectives and other results of the review of the system will be communicated to all members of the organization once the system`s revision act is approved.
– Annual Quality Policy Review. This will be done every time the management system is reviewed, depending on the development of the environment and the quality objectives and indicators to ensure that it is appropriate.

Date of the policy: 21/03/2017